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15th Sunday Ordinary Time C

15th  Sunday in Ordinary Time   Cycle C

Welcome children to their worship space.


             Explain: Today is the Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time.   
             Ask: Does anyone remember what we talked about last week?  <PEACE – bringing peace to each other>
             Say:  One of the most important messages from Scripture in the last few weeks is that we are the most important part of Jesus’ plan.  It is up to us, it is our job to do Jesus’ work.  Without all of us, Jesus’ work cannot be done.  We are the ones who must share love and peace with each other and all the rest of the world – and we are told to  JUST DO IT!   

Introduce symbol
Say:  Today’s symbol <hold up the symbol> is this.  Does anyone know what this is?  <the tablet for the 10 Commandments>

Ask:  What are the10 Commandments? < the rules that God gave Moses – and us – to live by> Today we are going to talk about what God’s law is.  Does anyone remember what Jesus told us was the most important Commandment?  <to love one another the way He loves us>
Say:  Let’s look at the poster.  What does it say? <Turn to the Lord in your need, and you will live.> This is our Responsorial Psalm for today.  The Responsorial Psalms also come from Scripture, from the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament.

Introduce readings
Say:  Let’s light the candle to show that we are ready to listen to the Words of God.

Say: Today’s first reading is from the Hebrew Scripture, the Book of Deuteronomy. (Deu 30:10-14)  You already remember that God gave the Commandments to Moses.  How do you think that the Israelites acted when Moses brought down this list of rules for them?  Do you think they were happy about it or do you think that they complained?  <complained- about how hard it would be to follow the rules>  Let’s listen to what Moses said to them about following the Commandments> 

Have the reader read the first reading.

Ask: What did he tell them?  <that it would be easy to follow the rules – all they had to do was obey>  Don’t do extra stuff, don’t go all over the place – just do what you are told.  It’s kind of like the tennis shoe commercial – no problem, JUST DO IT!

Say: Now it is time for the Responsorial Psalm.  Your part is to say:
Turn to the Lord in your need, and you will live!

Say:  Today’s Gospel reading comes from the book of Luke.  (Lk 10:25-37)   So we know that Jesus is in charge and we must listen to what he tells us to do.  And we know the easiest way to live God’s law <just do it!>  The people who were listening to this message from Jesus had lots of questions.  Today’s reading again addresses something we have mentioned a couple of times the last few weeks… “who are God’s people?”  Do you remember?  The question is worded differently in this reading but means the same thing.  “Who is your neighbor?” 

Say:  Now we will get ready to hear the Gospel.  Please stand up.
Say together: Alleluia, Alleluia.

Have the reader begin: “a reading from the holy gospel.....”

Read:  Read the Gospel

Ask:  Did you hear who our neighbors are?  <everyone>  Is it just the person who lives next door?  Is it just someone who belongs to St. James Church?  Or just your family members?  <right… it’s everybody>  It’s the child you know that no one likes, it’s the lonely adult that sits next to you in church, it’s often the people who are hard to reach out to.  But reaching out to others is exactly what Jesus says we must do….  Not thinking about it, not a lot of extra work or travelling across the world,  JUST DO IT!

Hand out the poster & Offertory symbols to color and cut out. (The symbol is the tablets).  Ask the children to write their names on the small poster symbols.
Explain: Color this symbol of the tablets and bring it to the altar (don’t forget to put your name on the back!)  to show that we have learned about living the greatest commandment.

If there is time, ask questions and go over the lessons one more time to help the children remember.

Give out stickers and hand-outs as they leave.

Parent Letter

Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time  C

Dear Parents,

           Today we celebrate the Fifteenth of Ordinary Time.  The children listened to the same readings you did:  Deuteronomy 30:10-14 and Luke 10:25-37.

To reinforce at home:
Today’s readings remind us that the idea of love was not new when Jesus brought it to the world.  It was the same message that he had handed to Moses, ten Commandments that were in two parts:  the commandments about loving God and the commandments about loving people.  And all ten of these commandments are all about LOVE! 
God asks us to love everyone because we are all God’s children.  We often make this more difficult than it has to be.  Looking at all three readings today, it is clear that we are told to stop asking questions about how to love and who to love  – but to just LOVE- just DO IT!
Activities to do at home:
Talk with your child about how to show love to others that you don’t necessarily care for or agree with.  Share with them how this behavior is not false as our society would have us believe but is actually God’s message to us.  We can be true to our convictions and still be kind and loving to others.

With your child, choose someone you feel is difficult to love and pray for that person.

Thank you for sharing your children!

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