How Does This Program Work?

The children leave the main center of worship with the blessing as described above.  They enter their worship space and find seats (or carpet squares on the floor).                The facilitator introduces him- or herself and welcomes the children.

              1.  Review.  Using the liturgy plan, the facilitator reviews the prior week symbol and central idea.

2.  Introduce new symbol.  Show new banner symbol and ask leading questions. (prepared in advance: banner symbol)

3.  Light candle to prepare for readings. 

4.  Ask questions, read, reflect. Use the liturgy plans to ask questions and lead the children to reflect on the day’s readings.

5.  Color Offertory symbols and create a communal poster.  The symbols that the children write their names on (for poster) and color and present (at the Offertory) reflect the central message of the day.  Often the older children are asked to write something on their symbols as well.  The poster had the Responsorial Psalm written on it in advance.  The smaller symbols (with children’s names) are glued on it.

6.  Prepare to re-enter the church.  Logistically, this is the time to line them up, straighten up the worship space and hand out stickers, letters and take-home activities.