Why my Liturgy Plans are Different

What they are:

              These plans are designed to be easy to use and simple to understand.  They are from a program that I have successfully implemented in my parish and I believe that you can easily implement in yours. Their format and purpose is two-fold.. to help make God's Word accessible to young children and to teach and prepare children to appreciate and understand Mass.

There are simple, complete lesson plans for each Sunday and patterns for symbols chosen to represent each Sunday.  This program is designed for a multi-level age group and is generally very informal.  There are few ideas and only one symbol for each liturgy. Parent letters are included to encourage and empower parents to fulfill their role as primary catechists of their children.

        Ideas are presented using different learning techniques in an effort to reach as many children as possible and still remain enjoyable.

Much of the learning is done through discussion so that ideas can be made more difficult or simplified to suit the ages of the children present. 

         The primary goal of these plans is to provide a ready-to-use resource that helps volunteers overcome the obstacles of time and lack of confidence so that they are empowered to share God’s Word with children.

What they are not:

They are not a religious babysitting program.  They are designed to bring the Sunday Gospel message to children and prepare them to attend regular Mass.  The atmosphere is simpler and more informal than a big adult church setting..... but as children mature they will find this program boring!  This is your goal - to get them READY to leave and join the main congregation.

The symbols change from week to week but the format does not..... just like our liturgy.

You won't find a lot of crafting and different fun activities in this program - you will find a simple message from the Gospel and enough 'hand-on' activities to engage the children's senses.... and reach them where they learn.

About the author:
Kay Vanatta is a veteran mother, volunteer and Catholic catechist for several age levels.  She has spent years searching for easy to use resources to save time and energy for volunteer catechists.  One of her passions is to help others learn by doing—in this case making the Word accessible to others.
She is a Master Catechist certified by the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia and former Coordinator of Religious Education at St. James the Greater parish in Hopewell, Virginia.