What Do I Need to Begin a Children's Liturgy Program in my Parish?

1. Support from the pastor
It is critical that the pastor understand that participating in Children’s Liturgy is in fact participating at Mass.

2.  Someone to coordinate the program
If you have this manual, much of your work is already done!  To utilize this program as it is presented here, you will need someone:
initially to create the space, educate the parish and prepare the banner
seasonally to change the decorations
weekly to coordinate the copying, cutting out and scheduling presenters.

3.  Children from age 4 through grade 5

4.  A gathering space that is close to the main liturgy (and to a bathroom). 
It is necessary to be able to return to Mass at the appropriate time:
Choose a space where you can see the liturgical activity
Have a volunteer (maybe an usher or teen) give you a 5 minute advance reminder of when to return to the main church.

Ideally, the space would have some wall space for hanging posters and a storage space of some kind for supplies.
Decorate and furnish the space to reflect the liturgical activity that will take place there.  This can be done very simply and inexpensively – a candle, a place to proclaim the Word, a stand for the candle, seasonal decorations and/or banners.  Most decorative items can be made by the children at another activity time.

5.  the Children’s Lectionary

6.  a generous supply of felt, construction paper, glue sticks, poster board and hook/loop  fasteners.