Store - Purchase Plans in Advance

I will continue to offer the lessons free week by week but you may find it easier to have several lessons ahead for planning purposes The file is comprised of the same plans & material on this site - but 12-14 of them prepared ahead - and emailed to you in an acrobat file.   Thank you for your support! 

When you make a payment, Paypal will notify me and I will email you the file.

***Important***  I will email a file within 24 hours of receiving your payment.  IF you don't hear from me, please a) check your spam folder and b) send me a note.  I want you to have the file ASAP.

Children's Liturgy Plans

2022 - 22nd Ordinary thru Feast of Christ the King
August 28, 2022 thru November 20, 2022

$11.00 USD