Saturday, August 8, 2020

Continuing email issues

Friends -

The next quarter's materials are ready for purchase.

I must apologize for my continuing email issues.  While I appear to be receiving your emails, several specific servers appear to automatically bounce mine!  I also routinely end up in spam folders....

IF you don't receive a response form me within 48 hours - most likely -
                  my response is in your spam
                 my response bounced right back to me and I am trying to figure out how to contact you.

I KNOW that   Hotmail and At&t have issues with my server

   and I just learned that Bellsouth bounces me right back.

IF possible, please use another email address to try and get me!

Again, if you don't hear back from me quickly, it is probably an email issue

Or, my life just went nuts.....  but I am pretty good at getting back quickly!

thanks for your patience!


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