Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Lent Available

The new file for Lent through Pentecost 2020 is now available for purchase on the Store page.


Please remember that email can be difficult!

I usually get files sent out within 24 hours -

IF you don't see it:

1. Check your spam folder.  My email likes to hang out there - you might have to whitelist my address to let it through.

2 Email me and let me know.  Maybe try a different email.

Please don't do without the plans any longer than you have to.  If I don't hear from you, I assume you have what you paid for!

I have had cases where I have sent it and responded multiple times and have not gotten through.

I don't know why but sometimes small servers (like mine) don't talk to each other.  Or large servers - mine sometimes has trouble with AT&T, go figure!

I appreciate your patience

Kay :-)

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